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Installing HydroHALT

Step-by-Step Guide

Sealux HydroHALT – (during installation of a shower tray)
For all other installation scenarios e.g. Installing HydroHALT over a shower tray or bath with an upstand please see

hydrohalt and tanking

Sealux HydroHALT components installed in conjunction with a shower wall waterproofing membrane such as BAL WP1 or BAL Tank-it

Materials Required

tools for hydrohalt

Tools Required


Step 1. Temporarily locate tray against wall. Resting the folded alignment card on ledge mark wall 75mm over ledge.


Step 2. Remove tray. Align level with wall marks and draw wall lines 75mm over ledge.


Step 3.


Step 4. Apply masking tape on wall over wall lines and cut strip to extent over ledge/wall joint.

Step 5. Remove release liner to expose high tack adhesive bed.

Step 6. Progressively aligning strip upper edge with wall line, press-bond strip to wall.

Step 7.  Ensure strip extends fully into corners.

Step 8.

Step 9.

Step 10.  Fold back strip and tape to wall.

Step 11.  Apply a zigzag line of adhesive (5mm diameter) on wall.

Step 12.

Step 13.  Spread adhesive on wall

Step 14.

Step 15.  Unfold strip and press bond to wall.

Step 16. Ensure strip extends fully into corners.


Step 17. Rotate the strip into position fusing the Sealux-N in the strip with the Sealux-N on the ledge. Press the strip up-stand firmly against the wall to form a solid bond.


Step 18. Repeat same installation method for the remaining strips.


Step 19. Apply masking tape over tray ledge adjacent to outer corner (as detailed in step 21).

Clean tray sidewalls with alcohol wipes. Remove liner and bond backer rod to sidewalls using backer rod wheel (w) as a guide to set position of backer rod on sidewall 5/6mm below ledge.

Step 20. Keep sidewall over backer rod free of dirt and fingerprints to ensure sealant adhesion. Install tray/bath against strip.


Step 21. Install the tray in its final location against the strip bonded to walls.


Step 22. Apply Sealux-N into the joint leaving slightly proud of ledge.


Step 23.  Rub up Sealux-N to fall outward towards the ledge.


Step 24. Installation now ready for waterproofing.

Complete Protection

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