The Best Tanking Solutions for your Bathroom
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Installation Videos

Installing HydroHALT during/after installation of tray/bath

New Installation: Pick HydroHALT PlumBud

Installation of HydroHALT PlumBud during installation of a shower tray or bath.

Existing Installation: Pick HydroHALT TileBud

Install HydroHALT TileBud to Seal an Existing Shower Tray or Bath.

Installing BAL Waterproofing Kit over HydroHALT

Summary Installation.

Installing Sealux Reg 20 after installation of tray or bath and waterproofing the shower walls with BAL Waterproofing Kit

Summary Installation.

Complete Protection

The Complete Waterproofing Solution over Shower Trays and Baths.

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